Free Puppy to ANY Home

Fred here again. My human’s unfortunate mistake is your gain.  Yep, my human actually thought it would be a good idea to get a puppy.  Apparently I needed a “friend” and our apartment community thinks it is necessary to be very pet friendly.  Pfffttt.

puppyFree Puppy to ANY Home – FREE (Uptown, Dallas, TX)

This over priced, pure breed, “obedience” trained puppy is yours to take for free as long as you pick him up immediately.  He is very friendly and guaranteed to lick your face and snuggle with cats. Don’t confuse this with being a good guard dog, because he wouldn’t even think of barking at a stranger.  Wimp. I’d like to say serious inquiries only, but I will take what I can get.

  • Location: Uptown, Dallas, TX
  • It’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests unless payment is in the form of bacon

Posting ID:  7520413458

Okay, so I thought that dog-loving apartment complexes were brilliant until this little designer pup took over my space.  I am constantly told he is adorable, but I don’t see it.  He loves attention and will do every trick in the book just to make you praise him.  But he is seriously cramping my style, and he has to go. Like NOW.

FredI have enough friends.  And “obedience” trained dogs are for the birds.  My human should have just purchased a puppet, and we all would have been much happier.  Real dogs have the occasional flea, scruffy hair, and live according to their own agenda.

Oh well. I have strategically placed fliers around our apartment community in Dallas and have been posting 4x a day on Craigslist, so I am sure it is a matter of hours before this nuisance is gone.  Soon peace will be restored in our little corner of Marquis on Cedar Springs.

Until next time, friends.



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