Fred’s Reputation Management Plan

fred_reputation_managementIt has come to my attention that I need to work on my personal reputation. Reputation management? I thought that was for apartment communities and humans, not dogs! Whatever.

I first want to say that I learned of this so called “reputation management” in a very inappropriate way. We had some visitors at the apartment, and when they arrived, I greeted them in my usual fashion. Big hugs and a smooch or two. What’s wrong with that? Well, apparently a lot.

My human had the nerve to shame me in front of our guests! Right there, on the spot! I can deal with her angry voice. I’ve learned to tune it out over the years. But shaming? HOW DARE SHE!

If she wants me to learn from my so-called mistakes, she needs to work on giving me feedback in a respectful manner that doesn’t put me on the defense. Right? To help her do so, I’ve compiled a few reputation management tips.

1. State cold hard facts, not your version of the truth.
That was a hug. I was not jumping.

2. Be aware of your timing.
How about you give yourself a timeout first so that you don’t say or do anything you could regret.

what_are_they_saying_about_you_reputation_management3. Be consistent.
Stop changing the dang rules on me. Kapeesh?

4. Offer a solution.
You don’t like my behavior? Give me a biscuit and I’ll stop. Sounds like a win-win to me.

5. Don’t be mean.
Your recent habit of calling me chunky hurts. Okay, that was off topic, but it’s still a good tip.

There you have it. If she takes the reputation management list seriously, I think we can continue to cohabitate very happily. Just remember, dogs and humans have the tendency to become what you encourage us to be, not what you nag us to be.

Your Friend and Personal Reputation Management Consultant,

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