Fred’s New Year’s Resolution

new years resolutionFred – the resident dog here. I made a New Year’s resolution to write more letters to those I care about.  Since my human has declared it too cold for dog park visits, I have decided to dedicate my first letter to him.  Here goes…

Dear Human,

It is the time of year when we are all battling that holiday weight.  Your holiday weight.  Not mine.  Someone was a bit greedy with the Christmas cookies this year, so I think we need to talk about your new year’s resolutions.

We both know you have already broken your vow to visit the gym every day.  That happened on day 3, but I’ll give you a point for giving it an honest try.  However, because of that, I have taken the liberty to craft some weight loss resolutions that I think are not only attainable but also mutually beneficial for both of us.  I like to call it a win-win.

  • Spend more time with loved ones, a.k.a. taking me on more walks.
  • Rid yourself of enemies. This means cats and puppies, because they cause stress, which causes eating.
  • Stop beating yourself up about missing the gym and take me on more walks.
  • Take a break from social media and be present while taking me on more walks.
  • Stop hating yourself for eating cookies and share those glorious calories with me.
  • Clear your mind with exercise, and I believe walking with your best friend, moi, is the best way to do this.
  • Try to emulate my own healthy habits that include napping, snacking, and chasing (cats).

You started 2014 with so much hope and promise, but you made one ill-fated mistake.  You didn’t think of me when you made your New Year’s resolutions.  Now that we have solved that problem, and thankfully we live in a beautiful apartment community full of walking trails and even a dog park, you can get refocused and committed.

I believe in you, human.  And more importantly, if you don’t follow through this time, I will stare at you with such intent that you will be forced to walk me due to extreme discomfort.



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