7 Tips for an Easy Move

No one’s going to argue against the statement that moving is just about the last thing anyone wants to do pretty much ever, but there are ways to make it less terrible. Here are some moving tips to keep in mind when it’s time for that big move.

7 Easy Moving Tips 

Don’t Pay for Boxes1.      Be sure the essentials are accessible. After moving your entire life all in one day, you might be too tired to unpack, so be sure things like toilet paper, toothbrush, plates, eating utensils, shower stuff, etc. are somewhere you can easily get to them.

2.      Label EVERYTHING! If unpacking isn’t already enough of pain, it’ll be even worse if you don’t know what’s in which box. Be sure you label the room it goes in and a general idea of what’s inside.

3.      Clean before you move. Cleaning is easier without your stuff in the way. It’s smartest to clean your new place before all of your stuff is in it.

4.      Don’t pay for boxes. Get them for free from a local super market or liquor store. They are always throwing boxes away! Also, hit up your current apartment leasing office. If someone has just moved in, maybe you can have their boxes.

5.      Take photos of your new place before you move in. The landlord can’t keep up with all of the small damages in every unit, so be sure to take photos of everything that needs fixing or any damages that come with the apartment. If you want your deposit back, you’ll make sure to do it!

6.      Put in for a change of address. If you don’t want to miss out on parties and events or forget to pay your bills, do this with the post office at least two weeks before your move.

7.      Give your junk away. You don’t have to pay for stuff to be moved and you’re doing a good deed. If you call a local charity, many times they will even pick up your leftovers.

Also remember, if you want people to help you move when the time comes, try not to fake an excuse for when they ask you for help moving. What are your tips for an easy move?


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