4 Tips to Throw a Valentine’s Day Party in Your Apartment

valentines day partyIf you’re one of those “lucky” people who is going to be single this Valentine’s Day, don’t worry! One thing I would not suggest doing is going out unless you have a strong urge to be surrounded by couples, which could make you feel like a third wheel at every turn. Instead, hide out inside the walls of your cozy apartment, but don’t do it alone. Throw a party!

Here are 4 tips to throw a Valentine’s Day party in your apartment.

1.       Games: If you’re feeling bitter, you can play ‘pin the voodoo needle on your ex’, but if not, you can just bring in photos of your favorite celebrity crush and play ‘pin Cupid’s arrow on your crush’.

2.       Comfort Food: Whip up some chocolate stuff and have plenty of candy on deck. These things are always helpful when you’re trying to forget about your singleness.

3.       Romantic Comedies: These are always good to play in the background as a reminder of the fact that one day you’ll be as happy as Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail or one of the other slew of movies where she plays the happy girl.

4.       Cookie Decorating: Channel your anger about being single into something creative like decorating a cookie.

While it might seem like you’re the only person in the whole universe without someone to call your Valentine, if you actually look around there are plenty of others just like you. Don’t spend Valentine’s Day alone sulking about your singleness. If you’re going to sulk, at least do it with other singles like yourself by throwing a fabulous Valentines’ Day party.

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