3 Tips to Make Your Valentine’s Day

valentines dayWhile the guys I’ve dated don’t exactly belong to the Prince Charming category, they’ve really come through when it counts. One of those times is Valentine’s Day. Making your valentine happy seems so simple to us, but that’s because women sometimes forget men can’t read our minds. So here are a few tips, woman to man on how to make Valentine’s Day count.

1.       Do something for me at work. As a man, you might read this and think that the keywords in this sentence are “do something”, but you’re wrong. The part we want you to hear is “at work”. It might sound dumb, but we like it when you publicly admit that you think we’re pretty much the most awesome girl ever.

2.       If we say Valentine’s Day is an over commercialized holiday and that we don’t believe in it, don’t believe us. Do something romantic for Valentine’s Day anyway. No girl is dumb enough to get angry at you for doing something nice for her any day of the year.

3.       Make it personal. While girls do have the tendency to drone on about nothing, it does help to listen to the minutia we’re talking about once in a while. If we say we like a certain type of flower or candy or restaurant, surprise us with it!

Just remember, it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money and the gesture doesn’t have to be grand. We don’t care if you steal a flower out of your neighbor’s front yard or serve up Hamburger Helper with a bottle of cheap champagne to wash it down. Just find some way to show us that you care.

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