3 Romantic Ways to Stay In and Celebrate Valentine’s Day

stay in for valentines dayValentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the world’s most expensive or grandest production. It really is the thought that counts and the company you share it with that matters the most. If your valentine, thinks Valentine’s Day is about how much you spend, you should probably ask Cupid if you can trade them in for a new one.

Anyway, here are 3 romantic ways to stay in and celebrate Valentine’s Day.

1.       Indoor Picnic. Do everything you would do for a regular picnic. Lay a blanket on the floor (preferably a red and white checkered one). Pack a basket of your Valentine’s favorite foods, drinks and desserts. If you have a fireplace, crank it up and then, enjoy an amazing Valentine’s Day picnic right in the comfort of your own home.

2.       Candlelit Dinner on the Balcony/Patio. If your apartment community doesn’t allow candles, get the flameless ones. They cost next to nothing at Walmart or Target. Cook something fabulous or get pre-made food, plate it and say you cooked it. Then, set it up with some romantic music and voila!

3.       Valentine’s Day Breakfast. If you and your Valentine are going to be together Valentine’s Day morning, breakfast in bed is always a winner. Whip up some eggs, bacon and toast and wake them up with the best breakfast ever! If you really want to win some points, add a little bell that they can ring if they wants seconds.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to result in your bank account being empty. The only thing that matters is that the person you love feels extra loved that day. It is honestly the little things that people remember.  Do something that your Valentine will remember forever!

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