3 Ways to Use Your Smartphone to Find and Settle into Top-Rated Apartments

Your smartphone can be a camera, an ever-accessible map, an alarm clock, a music player, a web browser, a TV, and… oh yeah—a phone. But did you know your smartphone can make finding and setting up top-rated apartments a lot easier? Thanks to mobile website designs and incredibly useful apps, it’s much simpler to locate and evaluate apartments, decorate your new apartment, and explore your city. Check out these tips from Renter’s Voice for using your smartphone to make your transition to your new apartment a snap.

Read Reviews of Top-Rated Apartments First

In the age of easy-to-navigate mobile websites, it’s easy to look up apartment reviews on your smartphone. Sites like RentersVoice.com are easy to click around to find and read apartment reviews. This lets you look up apartment reviews on the go, so you can check others’ thoughts before or after you take tours of the top-rated apartments you’re considering. You can also reference those reviews at a moment’s notice during a tour so you won’t forget any questions you might have about issues that other reviewers may have written about. The Renter’s Voice site also shows you maps of top-rated apartments’ locations in your city, so you’ll always know where you’re going.

Plan Your New Apartment

If you’ve moved top-rated apartments before, you know that setting up house can be just as time-consuming as sorting through top-rated apartments. Luckily, there are tons of apps that can facilitate the process. Apps like Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap, Benjamin Moore Color Capture, and Behr ColorSmart can help you pick the perfect shade for your top-rated apartment’s walls by letting you thumb through color options and save the top contenders to take into the hardware store once you choose a color; BuildApp Pro can help you decide the best layout for your top-rated apartment’s furniture; and if you’ve upgraded your iPhone to the new iOS 7, you have a free bubble level feature built right into your phone.

Settle Into Your New City

It can be hard to navigate a new neighborhood or a new city when you first move there. Apps like Trip Advisor can make it a little easier. The Trip Advisor app can help you get acquainted with your new city, and is especially handy since the city guides are completely accessible offline once they’re downloaded to your phone.

Find Top-Rated Apartments with Renter’s Voice

What apps did you use to find and set up your new apartment? Find Renter’s Voice on Facebook and Twitter and let us know! And if you’re starting the search for top-rated apartments, check out Renter’s Voice apartment reviews for a little assistance.

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