Tips to Make Top Rated Apartments Family-Friendly

top rated apartmentsSome people will tell you apartments are no place to raise a family, but that simply isn’t true. Top rated apartments can make wonderful childhood homes just as spacious houses can. Below we cover some tips on making top rated apartments a great place for your whole family.

Make Use of Outdoor Space
Kids have tons of energy. While most will be perfectly content to spend the majority of their time indoors, it is also a great idea to choose an apartment that has kid-friendly outdoor space. Many top rated apartments have some open space for families to play on, at the very least. Plenty offer playgrounds with fun and modern equipment. In hotter climates, community pools can offer a cool retreat to families during long summer days. Older children might even appreciate other amenities like basketball courts. You’d be hard-pressed to find a house that offers all of this entertainment for your children at an affordable price. Just be sure your kids know the rules for using these spaces and always be sure to properly supervise them while they are outside playing.

Make Rules More Fun with Games
Children don’t always walk quietly or keep their voices down even after repeated reminders, which can be an issue in an apartment. First of all, choosing a ground floor apartment can help you cut down on the noise your neighbors hear while making it easier for you to carry armloads of groceries inside with kids in tow. You can also create games to encourage good apartment living behaviors. Kids stomping around? Time to walk like a ninja! Too much yelling? Start up a family game of telephone or have the kids pretend to be (very quiet) international spies.  Remember, your children will follow your example, so you should obey the rules too.

Make Friends with Your Neighbors
top rated apartmentsApartment complexes can offer a tremendous amount of community for families. Connecting with other families in top rated apartments is great for both you and your kids. Your children may have access to more friends their own age than they would in a neighborhood filled with single-family homes. And you can make friends too, with other parents who will share in your triumphs and tribulations in parenthood.  Wouldn’t it be great if the woman down the hall would babysit your children while you go on a much needed date night, if you’ll just watch her kids while she runs a few errands?

Make sure the top rated apartments you’re looking at are family-friendly. Amenities for children, like playgrounds, are a good indication that a complex welcomes families. Look to online apartment ratings from Renter’s Voice, as well. Other renters’ reviews may tell you how fun the complex was for children, if the management company offered any family-friendly events, and other important information.

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