Summer Subletting: Choosing and Using Top-Rated Apartments

Summer poolSummertime is a great time to get away and try something new. If you want to take a trip without breaking the bank, subletting top-rated apartments is something to consider. Whether you are apartment-sitting for a friend, renting a pre-furnished apartment thanks to an online listing, exploring a new city, attending a festival, or just want a change of scene for summer, subletting an apartment for a short time can be an excellent way to get away. This week, Renter’s Voice brings you tips to have fun this summer by choosing the best top-rated apartments and making the most of their amenities.

Why Choose Subletting?

What does subletting have to offer? Top-rated apartments can also be less expensive and easier to maintain than renting a full house, and if you want to be near a city, top-rated apartments can often be closer to attractions and events.

Finding Top-Rated Apartments to Sublet

The first step in your summer subletting adventure is to find top-rated apartments. After all, you don’t want be stuck in a scary neighborhood with bad neighbors and a failing thermostat! If you’re not renting from a friend, start your search by browsing renter rating sites like Renter’s Voice. By reading apartment reviews, you can decide which apartments are worth looking into, and which you should leave alone.

Take Advantage of the Top-Rated Apartment’s Amenities

Check out the area and your top-rated apartment’s community and amenities. Many apartments have a pool available to all residents, and some have DVD libraries that renters can borrow from. If you’ve got some downtime between activities, or if you’re just taking it easy for a day, go for a swim or watch a movie. Also check out parks in the area for some free outdoor fun.

Adjust your thermostatLower Summer Utility Bills at Your Sublet

Unless utilities are included in your top-rated apartment’s price, going on vacation doesn’t mean you can forget about that top-rated apartment’s utility bills. Fortunately, there are some easy ways you can reduce your summer utility bills to focus more on your vacation and less on the bill at the end of your stay. When you leave the apartment, for example, remember to change the thermostat so that it shuts off at a higher temperature. You can always lower the temperature once you return the apartment, and by doing so won’t rack up cooling bills. Likewise, once night falls, it will get cooler, so you can raise the thermostat again. Does the apartment have a programmable thermostat? Even better! Set it and forget it. You should also close blinds and curtains when you leave the apartment and during the hottest parts of the day.

More Top-Rated Apartments and Tips

Do you have advice for subletting top-rated apartments? Find Renter’s Voice on Facebook and Twitter and tell us about your summer subletting experience, and keep reading the Renter’s Voice blog for tips on renting top-rated apartments.

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