How to Soundproof Top-Rated Apartments

Little boyWant to be a better neighbor? No matter how high the quality of your top-rated apartment’s building, a little noise between apartments is pretty much a fact of life when it comes to apartment living. If you’re worried about being a nice neighbor, or are struggling with some noisy neighbors yourself, set a good example and read on. Here are some quick and easy ways to soundproof your top-rated apartment’s space and be a more considerate neighbor in the process.

Close Your Windows

Before you turn on that action movie or start up your vacuum, make sure all your windows are closed. Sound from loud devices can escape from your apartment into common outdoor areas and may even echo between apartment buildings depending on where your top-rated apartment’s located. Close and latch your windows firmly before you make any noise.

Soundproof Your Laundry Room

Washing machines and dryers are some of the noisiest and most commonly-used appliances in top-rated apartments. To cut down on noise pollution from your washer and dryer, add some sound-absorbent materials like rugs and acoustic paneling to your laundry room.

Fotolia_9499293_XS editTurn Down the Sound

Loud televisions and speakers are two of the most common offenders when it comes to a top-rated apartment’s noise pollution. Whether you’re playing music for a party, watching a movie, or playing video games, your speakers may be a major nuisance to your next-door, upstairs, or downstairs neighbors. To minimize the sound that escapes from your speakers, change your television’s settings so that the bass is minimized, and be mindful of loud parts during movies or TV shows. If you have sub-woofers attached to your top-rated apartment’s walls, move them away from shared walls and corners and closer to your seating area to reduce booming and vibrating for your neighbors.

Aim for Quiet Nights

If you can help it, avoid running the dishwasher, drawing a bath, or vacuuming late at night. Ambient noise is especially noticeable after everyone has gone to bed, and is extra frustrating for your neighbors if they are trying to sleep.

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