Sharing Outdoor Spaces in Top-Rated Apartments

Apartment terraceThe very nature of apartment living involves some sharing. Walls, parking spots, laundry facilities, water bills, and more are all part of apartment life, for better or worse. Unfortunately, even top-rated apartments can involve some hardships when it comes to sharing; however, sharing outdoor spaces shouldn’t have to be one of them. Especially in an urban apartment complex, outdoor spaces can be hard to come by in a top-rated apartment’s community. They might be as small as a dog park or central courtyard, as private as a patio or balcony, or as public as a playground, rooftop, or grassy backyard.

To be a better neighbor, follow these guidelines to respect your top-rated apartment’s shared outdoor areas, and you might find you enjoy being out of doors more than before!

Consult Your Neighbors

Want to add furniture or a few plants to the communal outdoor area? Check with your neighbors first. Your taste might not necessarily coincide with theirs, or they might have furniture from top-rated apartments of their own they’d like to add. You should also let your neighbors know if you will be having guests over. If it’s appropriate, you can even ask if they would like to join!

Clean up After Yourself

Always pick up after your dog, be sure to throw away your trash before you leave, and return any communal furniture to its original arrangement. A good rule to follow is to always leave the area in the same shape as or better than you found it. Your neighbors will appreciate it!

DeckBe Quiet and Considerate

To be a good neighbor, stay mindful of your noise level when you’re out in your shared space. Noise travels easily in apartment complexes, and while some echo is unavoidable, there’s no need for the whole complex to catch every word of your conversation. Likewise, avoid grilling or smoking strong-smelling foods if your outdoor space is in close quarters. The smell of your barbecued brisket might not be as appetizing to others as it is you.

Be Assertive but Polite

Just because your neighbors are outside doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors! Venture out, say a quick hello, and go about your business. If you have a problem with some way your neighbor has altered the space (added their own furniture or left trash out, for example) politely say so. Better to be on good terms with your neighbors and able to enjoy your top-rated apartment’s outdoors than stuck inside and annoyed.

Enjoy It Together!

Remember, the communal area is meant to be shared! Whether you’re having a barbecue, a bonfire, or just having drinks in the evening, spending time outdoors with your top-rated apartment’s neighbors can be fun and will make apartment life more enjoyable in general.

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