How to Tell People You’ve Moved Top-Rated Apartments

house plansIt’s important to let friends and family know that you’ve moved top-rated apartments so they know when you’ll be making the transition, how to contact you at your new apartment, and when they can stop by with an obligatory housewarming quiche. There are lots of ways you can send out these notifications, but whether you’re moving to a new city or just moving to a new neighborhood, telling your nearest and dearest about your move is a must. This week, Renter’s Voice brings you some tips for announcing your move to friends and family.

Send Moving Announcements (Before)

If you want the announcements done by a professional printer, give the printer about 2-3 weeks to complete the announcements. Taking this route can allow you to get the announcements scheduled and out of the way, leaving you with more time to concentrate on packing and moving top-rated apartments.

Send Moving Announcements (After)

Sending moving announcements after you’ve settled into your top-rated apartment’s space means that you can include a few photos of your new apartment with your announcement, and might have more time to make and send the announcements yourself. Be careful, though! It’s easy to put off this project once you complete the move. Make a plan to get them mailed sooner rather than later so you can relax and enjoy your new top-rated apartment’s luxuries!

Email a Moving Announcement

Though a bit less personal, sending an email announcing your move and new address is quick and effective. Additionally, it is completely free, and you can even attach a picture to the email if you like.

Throw a Housewarming Party

A housewarming party is a great way to introduce family and friends to your new apartment. It can be a fun way to celebrate moving, and a great excuse to get together with everyone you like. You can even invite your neighbors and get to know them! Click here for tips from Renter’s Voice to throw a top-rated apartment’s perfect housewarming party.

Fotolia_22011021_XS editTell the Postman!

When you move, be sure that you provide the post office with your new top-rated apartment’s address so your mail may be forwarded to you. Today you can actually make this change online, where the USPS will guide you through the process of changing your mailing address with surprising ease.

More Tips for Top-Rated Apartments

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