Fred is Looking for a New Top-Rated Dog Pad

best rated apartmentsHey guys, it’s Fred again.  If anyone asks, I was at the dog park all day on Feb 26, and I absolutely did not chase any cats into the pool.  I’ll explain later, but let’s just say those cats learned their lesson.

Because of yesterday’s debacle, it is time to move.  My human is not happy, and I figure I might get back in his good graces if I help find us a new top-rated apartment on Renter’s Voice. The sad eyes bit isn’t not working anymore – I must be losing my touch.

My human loves Irving, but we need to find a top-rated apartment community in Dallas, specifically in The Village.  Yah, I have to leave the zip code for a while.  Our new top-rated apartment community also has to have excellent reviews and good walkability.  My human seems to always get thirsty when we go on walks, so we end up stopping at nearby bars with patios.  Fine by me, because the sad eyes still work on strangers.  In case you are not aware, sad eyes = bacon (or some other delicious human food) for me.

A few must-haves for the new top-rated apartment pad:

  1. Bacon in the leasing office
  2. Dog Park so Sal and Barlow can visit
  3. Dallas zip code, preferably 75206
  4. Country club amenities…  A dog can dream, right?
  5. No cats (as if I even need to mention that)

My human probably wants a pool, but I would rather there not be one.  I learned yesterday that dogs are not allowed in apartment community pools, and if I cannot partake then he should not partake – hey, that’s only fair. Right?

Sal and I are headed out next week to visit a few top-rated apartments in The Village.  Let us know if you have any favorite places we should check out.  It looks like The Corners In The Village might be the perfect fit.  There wasn’t a single mention of cats in the reviews.  Whew!

And remember, if anybody asks I was at the dog park ALL day on Feb 26.  Be cool.

Your Friend,


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