How to Add Pizazz to Top-Rated Apartments’ Patios

Apartment balcony furnitureTop-rated apartments are like good friends: the best ones are beautiful both inside and outside. If you have an apartment with a patio or balcony, you can easily improve it with a few additions, turning your apartment from average to top-rated. Apartments with patios are definitely coveted, and yours shouldn’t be neglected. Whether you live in a big city high-rise or a suburban apartment complex, make your patio into a relaxing outdoor retreat with these tips.

Pull Up Some Patio Furniture

Your furniture will need to stand up to the elements. Even covered patios are subject to winds and stormy weather that might damage furniture or even blow it away. A top-rated apartment’s patio furniture will have a weather-resistant fabric, and should be made with a material like wicker or a wood that has been treated to repel water. There are also outdoor pillows specially made to withstand weather, so you can even update your existing patio furniture with a little color, pattern, and comfort if you want.

How Does Your (Patio) Garden Grow?

You can never have too many plants on an apartment patio. Put them in terra cotta pots, metal buckets, wicker baskets, hanging planters, vases—whatever you please! Greenery and flowers can turn an uninviting, boring patio into a miniature relaxing retreat.

Balcony flower boxPlanting herbs is great way to supplement your kitchen spices and keep your cooking fresh and flavorful. Among others, mint, rosemary, thyme, basil, chives, and dill are easy to plant on a patio (and delicious to eat!). If you live in an arid climate or are worried that you may, ahem, accidentally neglect your greenery, succulent plants are a great way to go. They are built to survive and thrive in dry conditions, so most of them will look great even if you forget to water them for a week. (Some succulents are actually more likely to die of overwatering than underwatering.) Do be sure to cover them up or bring them inside when temperatures reach below freezing. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, so whether you are limited to a tabletop or trying to fill a whole corner, there’s probably a succulent that will do the trick in your top-rated apartment’s patio space.

Lights Up

You’ll probably want to be on your patio at night, winding down after the day is done. But a dark patio is hardly the place to relax. Shed some light on your top-rated apartment’s patio with lamps, lanterns, or candles. All come in the battery-powered varieties, so you won’t have to worry about leaving cords exposed or running them through a door to a socket inside the apartment.

More Décor for Top-Rated Apartmentss

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