5 Tips to Get Your Online Review Read

get-your-online-review-readIf you are going to take time to write an online review, you want to make sure it actually gets read. So here are 5 tips to get your online review read.

1. What is the main point?

Think about the primary reason you want to share your opinion with others through an online review. Is the product the best thing since sliced bread all the way around, do the staff make you feel important, or perhaps you’ve found the perfect dog park.

2. Who are the important players?

If the maintenance team or leasing team at your apartment community are ‘stand-outs’ in your living experience, say so. If the server at the restaurant is what makes it a 5-star experience, be sure to mention this.

5-tiips-to-get-your-review-read3. What other the relevant themes exist?

Sure, that bananas foster might be the highlight of your evening meal, but chances are it was not the only thing you noticed during your visit. The service or reasonable prices could also play a part. Take time to highlight more than one aspect in your review, so readers know you were really paying attention to everything.

4. Are there any pros that could possibly offset cons?

Okay, so the service sucked last weekend. But did the whole experience tank, or were there some positives as well? People are more likely to place weight on a review that is balanced and reflects both negatives and positives.

5. Would you recommend?

Maybe after a poor customer experience, a manager took action to make it right. Perhaps you had a good experience, but there was something that made you uncomfortable staking your reputation on the business when it comes to family and friends. Bottom line, you should always indicate whether you would recommend the business/product or not and your reasons.

Refer to this handy tip sheet the next time you write an online review so you can use these 5 tips to get your online review read.

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