Keep Up Renter Ratings: Be a Good Neighbor

There is nothing worse than a bad apartment neighbor.  Whether upstairs, next door, or across the hall, a bad neighbor can hurt your apartment’s renter ratings, rob you of your peace of mind, and generally leave everyone a little disgruntled about their apartment living experience.   Don’t be that person.  Here are a few common sense ground rules to help you remain on good terms with your fellow renters:

Take the time to meet your neighbors
If you are new to an apartment complex, or if you have neighbors moving in, introduce yourself so that you will be on friendly terms later.  You never know when you will need to borrow a cup of sugar, or when it will be nice to have someone to talk to in the laundry room.  Who knows?  You may even make a friend.

Vacuum and move furniture during the day
There are some things that make noise that you can’t help doing at odd hours—taking an early shower, running the dishwasher before bed, chasing a hyper toddler who refuses to sleep around the living room.  If you can help it, however, try and do any heaving lifting and vacuuming during the day.  Unless you have the luxury of living on the first floor, doing these things during the normal waking hours makes a huge difference to those living around you.

Be mindful of your windows
In some apartment complexes, sound carries very easily, especially if you are in a quiet neighborhood away from major streets.   Close your windows if you are watching a movie with the sound turned all the way up, or you and your amateur metal band are having a jam session.

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Avoid noise complaints
If you plan on having a party at which there will be loud music or a lot of guests, it can be helpful to tell the neighbors about the impending noise.  Overzealous or easily-annoyed neighbors may jump straight to calling on-site security or even the police if they have a noise complaint.  Take a step to prevent that by giving the neighbors your phone number or encouraging them to knock on your door if your gathering gets too loud.  To be mindful of those around you in general, keeping the bass of your music turned down can do wonders for your neighbors upstairs and downstairs.


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