Renter Ratings and Creativity Make Small Apartment Storage a Snap

Storage boxesSmall apartments, even those with great renter ratings, can be pretty short on space. To alleviate storage woes, sometimes it’s necessary to strategize and get creative. Below are a few top tips from Renter’s Voice to make the most of the storage space in your small apartment—and in some cases, that even means making your own storage!

Use Renter Ratings and Tours

The first step in finding a small apartment with good storage capabilities is the research process. This process can be broken down into two parts: First, research the apartment in question online to find renter ratings and reviews. By using the feedback from other renters, you can determine whether or not an apartment has the amenities you need. Second, use those renter ratings to narrow down your choices and tour the apartments that make the cut. While you are there, compare the renter ratings to your own assessment of the apartment, and evaluate for yourself the amount of storage it offers.

In the Kitchen

There are lots of ways to maximize space in a small apartment kitchen. The best way to take advantage of a small apartment kitchen is to utilize every surface. Install hooks underneath the cabinets to hang small kitchen utensils like measuring spoons and mixer attachments; add your own shelving or a pegboard so that every pot and pan has a place to sit; put up a magnetic strip on your wall for knives; every surface, be it horizontal or vertical, offers an extra opportunity for organization.


If you have storage outside, as on a patio, balcony, or in a garage, be mindful about what you store there. Even patios and balconies that are covered can let in moisture from rain, and insects can often get into outside storage areas, so be sure that whatever you store in an outside storage area doesn’t rely on climate control to stay in one piece. Pack items in plastic containers rather than cardboard boxes, and if you need more storage, consider buying an outdoor storage chest that can double as a bench.

In the Closets

In the Closet

Small apartment closets can be pretty cramped. There are two ways to eliminate mess and stress when it comes to closet storage in small apartments. First, assess what you already have and get rid of the things you don’t need or don’t want anymore. (That pair of shoes you haven’t worn in four years is just taking up much-needed space.) Once you’ve done that, you can add your own storage by hanging an organizer with pockets on the inside of the closet door for shoes or cleaning supplies, building or buying your own shelving, hanging organizers from a dowel rod for extra storage—the possibilities are endless.


If you’re truly out of room but still have some stuff to store, consider self-storage. Self-storage units are available in a wide range of prices, sizes, and locations, and sometimes storing your possession remotely may be better than trying to fit too much into a small apartment.

More Storage and Renter Ratings

Have you used renter ratings to find a small apartment with lots of storage? Reach out to Renter’s Voice on Facebook and Twitter and tell us how! You can also submit your own renter ratings on Renter’s Voice to help renters just like you make an informed decision about a small apartment.

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