Five Must-Sees When You Move to Austin

Inside Austin’s City Limits 

When it comes to Austin, TX, don’t expect to see your usual Texas cowboys lining the streets. Not to say that cowboy boots and hats aren’t always in style in Texas, but skinny jeans and Tom’s are definitely giving the John Waynes a run for their money.

This eco-friendly city might be the capital of Texas, but it’s not worried about fitting in with the rest of the state. Instead the Austin MO is more about standing out. Here are five must-sees when you move to Austin!



1.      Barton Springs– Austin does everything a little different, including pool days. Located in Zilker Park, this man-made neighborhood is filled up every summer by the city’s very own spring that naturally maintains an average temp of a cool 70 degrees. On any given day, you’ll see anyone from the state legislators to a group of (watch out! topless) University of Texas sunbathers.

2.      South Congress– This eclectic neighborhood is where you want to be if your paycheck is burning a hole in your denim cut-offs. The area is stocked full of fashionable boutiques, unique restaurants and intimate art and music venues.

3.      The Broken Spoke– This world class venue is about as legit as you can get when it comes to throwing down like a Texan. Whether you’re bootscootin’ around the dance hall or enjoying some mouthwatering fried chicken, you’ll leave here feeling like a true Texan.

4.     6th Street– If you’ve been to Austin, chances are you’ve been to 6th Street. It doesn’t matter what crowd you run with, they’ll be here partying together. With music venues, tattoo parlors and bars all up and down this legendary street, you’ll most likely find your next favorite local watering hole right here.

5.      Stubbs– Whether you think of it as BBQ with a side of music or music with a side of beef, this well-known music venue come restaurant is a hit with just about anyone. Fill up on some world famous BBQ and then burn off the calories dancing the night away!

The fact that hipsters usually move on once something gets popular would make you think that they would have moved on to the next city a long time ago, but Austin manages to fly right under the hipster radar and looks like it’s going to be a hipster magnet for a while longer.

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