Eating Out of the Country in Atlanta, GA

If you want to take your taste buds to countries that they’ve never been before while staying inside the city, try these fantastic Atlanta, GA restaurants!



  • Nuevo Laredo: Atlanta certainly doesn’t have a shortage of Mexican restaurants, but if you like your Chimichangas to be a cut above the rest, try out this hole in the wall on Chattahoochee Avenue. Unless you plan on getting really lost, the chances of you ever finding it would be slim to none unless someone points you in the right direction. Try the the Holy Tacos!
  • Alfredos or Ninos: If you just moved to the city, you’ve probably already made several choices. Well, get ready to make another. Are you Team Alfredos or Team Ninos? These two Italian restaurants sit side-by-side on Cheshire Bridge, and the rivals have been recruiting Atlantans since they opened their doors. The food at both of them is a guaranteed home run.
  • Canton House: If you don’t even know what Dim Sum is, it’s time you found out. If you’re into tapas, you should probably know that the Cantonese people definitely had that idea first. Carts of food with bite sized plates travel around the restaurant and you can choose whatever you like!
  • Atmosphere: How do you say “atmosphere” in French? This chic French Bistro could probably tell you. Located inside of a cute little house in Morningside, this quirky spot has meticulously prepared dishes that earn them the right to say “Voila!”
  • Sushi Huku: Most Atlantans don’t love traveling outside of the perimeter, but this legit Japanese sushi house is worth the trip. With private rooms, a sushi bar and tables in the main room, there are several ways to enjoy the best sushi in the city.
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    Antico Pizza: If you’re feeling like pizza, check out this family style pizza place. It’s BYOB and their handmade pies are making a splash all over the city. With a recipe that has been perfected over many years and an open kitchen where chefs are tossing pizza right before your eyes, the experience is both theatrical as well as tasty.
  • Ri Ra: If you’re in the mood for a taste of Ireland, try this spot in Midtown. They’ve got Cottage Pie, Fish & Chips and Guinness Stew that will prove that the Irish know how to eat just as much as they know how to drink.
  • Papis Cuban: This fun spot in Midtown will take you straight out of the city and sit you right down in a Cuban & Caribbean grill! With food packed full of authentic flavors from these regions, you’ll love this hidden spot.

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