5 Things You Can’t Miss When You’re In Atlanta

If moving wasn’t already everyone’s least favorite activity, it’s even more daunting when you’re moving to a completely different place. Saying good-bye to your friends, family, and neighborhood grocery store make saying hello to a new place even harder. And while you’ll have to learn how to maneuver around Atlanta’s winding roads and busy streets on your own, at least you can rest assured that Atlanta – the capital of the South – has a lot to offer.

Here are 5 things you can’t miss when you’re in Atlanta.

World of Coca ColaWorld of Coca Cola: In the city where it all began! Stop by the tastiest museum you’ll ever visit. With the vault where they keep the secret recipe to Coca-Cola tasted around the world, you’re in for a treat. Atlantans take Coke seriously. So seriously that the word Coke is an umbrella for all soda, so if someone asks for a Coke, be sure you ask them what kind. Another tip  – don’t get caught ordering a Pepsi; you’ll stick out like a Florida fan at a Georgia game (you’ll understand that one soon).

The Fox Theater: Located at 660 Peachtree Street right in the heart of Midtown, this is one of Atlanta’s most historic landmarks. A former “movie palace”, this venue’s stage has been graced with the world’s most talented musicians, comedians, Broadway shows and more.

Georgia Aquarium: Feeling aquatic? If you’re not before you enter this underworld of sea creatures, you definitely will when you leave. When the doors opened in 2005, the Aquarium instantly qualified as one of Atlanta’s most talked about attractions.

Stone Mountain: The mystery of this natural phenomenon is definitely not in its name. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a mountain made of stone. But, it’s got some fun surprises including hiking trails, a path up and down the mountain, attractions at the base, and a killer laser show that brings Americans from far and wide to Atlanta, GA!

Varsity: “What’ll ya have?” is their famous slogan, and no matter how you choose to answer, it’s hard to spend much dough at Varsity. Insider tip: Be sure to get an F.O. and a pimento cheese steak.

Whether you’re moving to Atlanta or just passing through, you won’t regret checking out our favorite Atlanta hot spots. Find Renter’s Voice on Facebook and share your insider tips.

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