Five Things More Useful Than You Thought For Decorating

Chances are that most of the stuff your parents have accumulated over the years is nothing more than a trip down memory lane for them, or it’s your local Goodwill’s next victim. But believe it or not, some of stuff in that black hole your mom calls a basement (or attic) might actually be useful in your apartment. We’re willing to bet it’ll be free for the taking, too. So here, are five things more useful than you thought for decorating.

Shutters1.      Shutters or Window Panels– Shutters make awesome decor. Paint an old shutter a crazy color, put it up on the wall, and fill the blinds with your favorite photographs and post cards. After all, picture frames are so overdone! Window panels can make a windowless room bigger just by replacing the glass with mirrors or decorative paper. Throw them up on the walls in a tiny bathroom or closet space and watch the room grow before your eyes.

2.      Water pails – Old water pails might not seem useful unless you’re thinking about moving to a farm sometime soon. And there probably aren’t a lot of times that you need to fill up a pail with anything other than ice and sodas. However, old tin pails can make really neat light fixtures or sinks, adding a rustic vibe to your space!

3.      Suitcase– Old suitcases have been out of a job since rolling bags were invented. Unless you’re trying to break your back, you won’t use these for travel. However, you can use them as a table. Either stack them on top of each other or add four legs to just one, and voila! You’ve got a table like no one else has AND you can keep stuff inside of it to avoid clutter. Two birds, one stone!

4.      Rake – old rakes make perfect racks for wine glasses or key hooks. Take them off of the stem, mount them on the wall and you’ve added a vintage touch to your home with almost no work at all.

5.      Puzzle Pieces – Chances are, you’re missing at least one or two pieces of the puzzle you used to put together as a child, and no one likes to put together a puzzle and then find out they’re missing a piece right when they’re almost done. Super glue magnets to these babies and stick them on the fridge with your favorite stuff to display.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will no longer underestimate the design potential of your parents old stuff  or the Salvation Army thrift store. Even the most obscure items might be just the design boost your home needs. All you need is a little imagination!

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