What Defines the Best-Rated Apartments?

best rated apartmentsAre you preparing to find a new apartment?  Here are some of the things that define which are the best-rated apartments so you’ll know what to be on the lookout for.

Superb Reviews
The best-rated apartments have received great ratings from their current renters, former renters, and from independent evaluators.  A useful apartment review covers the renter’s experience with the apartment in question.  They may comment on their interactions with the staff, give an evaluation of the neighborhood, and more.  This kind of evaluation by real renters is incredibly valuable to a potential renter because an apartment review provides a first-hand account with information that you won’t be able to get solely from a conversation with a leasing agent or a tour of the property.

Top Management
During your tours of apartments don’t just take notice of apartment designs and plans.  Pay attention to your guides.  Are they engaging you in the tour? Are they able to answer your questions?  Is their knowledge about the property thorough?  Answering these questions will help you determine whether or not the property is best-rated.  Apartments with on-site management are usually best because upon move-in, you can more quickly and easily address problems or ask questions.

Efficient Maintenance
The best-rated apartments should have a responsive maintenance staff.  A 24-hour maintenance emergency service is an ideal service for the best-rated apartments to have, since you never know when a pipe might burst or your thermostat might malfunction.  The best apartments often have an online maintenance request option that lets you specify your maintenance problem and include any comments you may have, and which notifies you via email that the service request has been both submitted and completed.

The Right Amenities
best rated apartmentsBest-rated apartments should have the amenities that you need.  These needs will differfrom renter to renter, of course, but there are some amenities that most people agree boost apartments to the status of best-rated.  Apartments with recreational and social facilities, complimentary Internet and TV services, laundry facilities or in-apartment washers and dryers, and convenient and plentiful parking all make the list.

A Good Community
Learning about community is an important part of deciding where to live.  Explore not only the community within apartment complexes themselves but also in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Visit Renter’s Voice to find apartment reviews for thousands of the best-rated apartments around the country. You just might find the information you need to lead you to the apartment of your dreams.

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