Tips for Best-Rated Apartments: Keeping Beautiful, Healthy Houseplants

Fotolia_48341892_XS editLooking for a way to bring a bit of the outdoors into your apartment? Herbs, tropical plants, flowers, and succulents can all make great additions to any best-rated apartment’s rooms. And keeping houseplants in your apartment doesn’t just liven up the space by adding color and greenery; they are also good for you! Many houseplants can improve your best-rated apartment’s air quality by filtering out toxins in the air. If you want to try out your green thumb and make your best-rated apartment even better, follow these tips to add plants to your home.

Caring for Your Best-Rated Apartment’s Plants

Though there are plenty of houseplants that are low-maintenance, there a few easy things you need to do in order to keep any plant healthy. First, keep in mind that some plants need more water than others to thrive. Find out how often each plant needs water, and be sure you water them regularly. This includes giving leaves a good spritz with a water bottle. Second, improve the drainage of your plants by adding rocks to the bottom of each pot to prevent excess water from rotting the plant’s roots. Finally, place your plants where they will get an optimal amount of sunlight, and let them stay there. Plants tend to flourish the best when they stay in the same location.

Add Plants to Your Best-Rated Apartment’s Bathroom

Believe it or not, your best-rated apartment’s bathroom is an ideal place for certain plants to grow. Because bathrooms tend to contain a lot of steam and moisture, tropical plants like orchids and low-maintenance plants like spider plants make great additions to a best-rated apartment’s bathroom.

Fotolia_24621091_XS editHow to Clean Your Plants

Some larger plants need occasional cleaning to ensure that they stay alive and healthy. Plants with waxy leaves should receive a good dusting, pruning, and wipe-down with a damp cloth about once a month to keep them from collecting dust and allergens.

Have Pets? Avoid These Plants!

Did you know that some houseplants can actually be poisonous to animals? When consumed, certain plants can have seriously negative health effects on cats or dogs. Some plants to avoid include aloe vera plants, begonias, calla lilies, daffodils, geraniums, pencil cacti, and tulips. And of course, remember that plants with pointy parts (like cacti) might prove to be dangerous for curious pets.

Your Life in Best-Rated Apartments

What are your favorite houseplants in your apartment? Any tips for maintaining a best-rated apartment’s plants? Find Renter’s Voice on Facebook and Twitter and tell us!

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