The Best Rated Apartments Can Be Stylish Without Losing A Security Deposit

best rated apartmentsWe all know that the best rated apartments are the most well-kept.  No one wants to rent a space that has been ruined thanks to its previous tenant.  Landlords have a way of preventing this, of course; it comes in the form of your security deposit.  A security deposit is a set amount of money held by the landlord for the duration of the lease.  It is intended to help the landlord cover any fees if the tenant does not leave the property in good condition, does not return all keys to the property, or does not give the required notice before moving out.

When you move to a new apartment, it can be hard to decorate it to your tastes.  Some apartments have strict guidelines as to how the renter may alter the apartment.  Violating these guidelines may mean forfeiting your security deposit upon move-out.  If you are stuck with any of these limiting conditions, fear not!  There are some simple, temporary changes you can make to personalize your apartment without losing your security deposit.

First, it is best to know what changes to an apartment your landlord does and does not allow.  These will be in your lease, but it may help to ask for clarity in person nonetheless.  For example, some apartments forbid putting holes in the walls, others limit holes to a certain size, and others may permit holes so long as they are spackled over when the tenant moves out.  Painting may not be allowed, or your lease may state that any painting done by the tenant must be painted over upon moving out.

Next, consider what you can add to the apartment, not necessarily what you can alter.  Here are some ideas to decorate your apartment while keeping your security deposit safe, and keeping your space on the list as one of the best rated apartments:

Adhesive plastic wall hooks can be a great way to hang necessities and décor on your walls.  When applied and removed correctly, these hooks should not damage the wall.  Furthermore, they are surprisingly strong, and come in a variety of shapes and finishes, so whether you want them to be hidden or seen, you are covered.  Wall décor is an especially good idea for a small apartment, which may not have much space for décor otherwise.  Mirrors can enlarge the space, and hooks in the kitchen for pans and skillets can free up much-needed cabinet space.

Wall decals can add a quirky element to a room easily.  Simply peel and stick.  Wall decals can be moved around rooms, or can even switch out with the seasons. best rated apartments

Temporary wallpaper is another way to add a personalized touch to an apartment.  Like wall decals, this nifty wallpaper goes up and peels off with surprising ease.   Applying wallpaper to one wall can create a focal point in a room, while applying it to all walls can completely change the feel of the room.

Shelf paper in in an unusual pattern or color is a quick way to add a pop of color in an unexpected place.  Line cabinets and drawers with shelf paper to preserve the drawer and add some personal flair wherever there is an empty nook.

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