No Closet? No Problem! Solutions for Best-Rated Apartments Without Closets

What happens when you find yourself living in a great apartment… with no closet? Even the best-rated apartments can be short on storage. In fact, sometimes the trade-off for a larger living space is less storage, or a lack of storage solutions altogether. But have no fear! Renters of best-rated apartments can still find ways to store everything…. even without a closet! Here are some creative storage ideas to combat your best-rated apartment’s lack of a closet.

Storing Clothes

There are lots of different ways you can store and organize your clothes without a built-in closet. The easiest way, of course, is to purchase your own armoire, chiffarobe, or chest of drawers. For some, this is an ideal solution, but others may not want to invest in a piece of furniture that might be unnecessary in a future home which actually does offer clothing storage space. If this is the case, consider these solutions, instead:

• Rolling or freestanding racks take up very little space, and are great for vertical clothing storage.
• Add shelving with modular shelves or crates if you have the wall space, and create a closet on display.
• Buy or make your own hanging clothes bar in the corner of your room.
• If you don’t want your hanging clothes to show, hang a curtain to hide the rack.

Storing Linens

If your best-rated apartment’s storage options don’t include a space for bed linens and towels, don’t worry. To get your towels out of the way, store them underneath your bathroom sink, or opt for hanging storage like wall hooks, a door hanger, or a towel rack in your best-rated apartment’s bathroom. Regular bed linens and pillows can go in an airtight bag or storage bin under your bed, or even in one of the drawers of your other rooms’ furniture. (No one needs to know your quilts are stored in your entertainment center!) If you’re looking to add a piece of furniture that will double as storage, try something at the end of your bed like a bench with drawers or a chest with plenty of space inside.

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