Pros and Cons of Best-Rated Apartments Near Your Job in the City

Are you about to transition to a new job in a new city? If your workplace is in an urban area, there are some important factors to consider before choosing a new apartment to call home. Best-rated apartments in different areas of a city have their advantages and drawbacks; so ultimately, it all depends on what you’re looking for in a best-rated apartment’s features. Locating the best-rated apartments is important when moving to a new city for a job change, so Renter’s Voice has put together some quick pros, cons, and tips for choosing an apartment if you work in the center of a big city.

Pros of Living Near Your Workplace in the City

You’ll have a shorter commute. Nothing is more torturous on a weekday morning than stop-and-go traffic down a long stretch of highway. A quick walk, bike, or bus ride is often preferable to a long commute.

You’ll be near tons of resources. Living in the heart of a city in urban best-rated apartments means being able to take advantage of eateries, offices, public parks, and more with just a quick step out the door. Living in the suburbs often means that restaurants and dentists’ offices aren’t as readily accessible.

You’ll be near more entertainment. The center of a city is most often the best location of a city’s art, music, and entertainment scene. If you like being close to the nightlife, an apartment in the city is the way to go.

Cons of Living Near Your Workplace in the City

You may pay higher rent. Unfortunately, the best-rated apartments in the city are often the most expensive. (And even their lower-quality counterparts can carry a steep price!) Deciding on your price point before you really start looking at apartments can be a major factor in ruling out certain properties.

You’ll be in a more highly-populated area. Distance from downtown usually means less noise and crowding. If you value your privacy and peace and quiet, the outer areas of the city might be for you.

Your commute will be longer and more expensive. Buying gas and public transit passes regularly can add up over time, so you’ll probably spend more money overall the further away you live from your job. Likewise, the commute will take more time, especially if you’ll be traveling during a typical rush hour.

So how can you decide? Start by reading apartment reviews to narrow down your choices and find out which are the best-rated apartments. Next, tour the properties, asking plenty of questions and taking notes as you do. Then travel your potential route to work, whether by car, foot, or public transit. Along the way, think about what challenges and perks you might run into along the way. Is there a particular amount of congestion or long-term construction along one area of the highway? Does the train generally run on time? Will you need to walk through an unsafe area to get to work? You should also explore and evaluate the area around your prospective apartment. Does it have the resources nearby that are important to you? Is the neighborhood safe and friendly?

In the end, with a little research and some serious forethought, you can choose from the best-rated apartments both in and out of the city to find the one that’s right for you.

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