How to Deal with Noisy Neighbors in Best-Rated Apartments

best-rated apartmentsWhether we like it or not, even the best-rated apartments have noisy neighbors.  Whether you are stuck with neighbors who host a polka band practice every night, are listening to a group of yelling college guys playing Call of Duty, or live below what must be a family of elephants who have installed their own in-apartment bowling alley, you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence (so to speak).  Here are some steps you can follow to keep the best-rated apartments happy and noise-free.

Be Reasonable
First, keep in mind that sometimes neighbors can’t help the occasional bout of noise.  A newborn baby, for example, is going to cry no matter how nicely you may ask for quiet.  Likewise, some vacuums are louder than others, and those who work extra early or late may have to shower or run water at odd times.  Try to be a good neighbor and respect their needs.  But if your neighbor’s TV is consistently at maximum volume, or your upstairs neighbor is a heavy walker, you can consider approaching them.

Be Polite but Firm
No matter who is your neighbor, remember that politeness is key.  Before complaining to your best-rated apartment’s management, talk directly with your neighbor.  It helps to be specific as to the reason for your complaint and your wishes.  Rather than just asking your neighbor to turn their music down, explain to them that you have a young child with an early bedtime or that certain songs make the dog howl.  Then recommend that they turn down the bass or keep the volume down after 7 PM.  This way, you can both stay in your best-rated apartments with no conflict.

best-rated apartmentsTalk to Management
If your neighbors are still causing a problem and you have spoken with them on more than three occasions, it’s time to take further measures.  Keep a record of when your neighbors are making noise so that you will have documentation, then talk to your landlord or property manager.  Be firm with them as well, since apartment management has a lot to handle.  However, your landlord will want to keep the property among the best-rated apartments, so it is in their interest to address the issue directly.

Take More Severe Measures
If talking to your landlord fails, you can get the police involved.  The police will refrain from mentioning who filed the complaint, and that level of severity may be enough to subdue the noise level of your neighbors.  However, if all else fails, you can take legal action against your neighbors depending on the circumstances.  You’ll have to provide valid and ample proof of your problem to the court, so do not take this step unless you are prepared to do some work.

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