How to Customize Your Bathroom in Best-Rated Apartments

Teal bathroomMost apartments are one-size-fits-all when it comes to style. By nature, a new apartment is pretty plain, and white walls and beige carpeting all around can make even a best-rated apartment’s living area seem drab. But rather than a cause for glumness, think of a new apartment as a clean slate instead! In fact, putting your personal touch on a best-rated apartment’s interior is one of the best things about moving. Likewise, although apartment bathrooms are some of the worst offenders when it comes to boring style, they also offer an opportunity to customize the space to your liking.

Turn your best-rated apartment’s bathroom into a better, more personalized space with these quick fixes.

Cover Your Walls

If your best-rated apartment’s lease permits it, redo your walls so they have a little more color and personality. Paint if you can, or consider temporary wallpaper if you can’t. If you have ugly tile, there are “tile tattoos” which act as heavy-duty stickers to cover up unsavory tile décor. Just stick ‘em on, then peel and go when you move out.

Add a Furniture Piece

Providing that your bathroom is large enough, it can be nice to add a small piece of furniture. Move in a small stool, a bench, or a cushy ottoman for comfort, or add a chest of drawers for convenient storage.

Apartment bathroomChange the Lighting

Apartment bathroom lighting can often be harsh and unforgiving, which makes for a doubly unpleasant jolt when you first spot yourself in the bathroom mirror in the morning. Fix this by changing the lights’ shades, adjusting the wattage of the light bulbs, or replacing the light fixtures altogether (you should get an electrician to do this if you’re not too handy when it comes to DIY). Choosing the way you like your best-rated apartment’s bathroom lighting can make all the difference in a bathroom’s interior.

Install Hanging Storage

Whether it means installing towel hooks, a shower caddy, or floating shelves for bath products, add to the efficiency of your best-rated apartment’s bathroom with hanging décor. Pick out unique hardware for your hanging towel storage or paint your shelves a unique color for a little extra personalization.

More Tips for Best-Rated Apartments from Renter’s Voice

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