How to Customize a Best-Rated Apartment’s Pre-Furnished Space

Pre-furnished bedroomIf you have moved into a pre-furnished apartment recently, then you know that even the best-rated apartments that are pre-furnished can be both a boon and a burden when it comes to decorating. On one hand, all of the furniture is bought, paid for, and arranged in to your best-rated apartment’s rooms already. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that the current furnishings and décor will be to your tastes. Because a pre-furnished apartment is often a temporary living solution, it can often be best to simply make the most of what you have. However, there are some quick, inexpensive fixes to customize a pre-furnished apartment to make it feel more like home. Here are a few ways to make your best-rated apartment’s space your own.

Rearrange the Furniture

It’s a simple step, but rearranging your best-rated apartment’s furniture can make a big difference in making a temporary apartment feel like home. Whether you move the furniture against the walls to open up the space or arrange the living area seating to facilitate guests and conversation more easily, making the room more conducive to your lifestyle can improve a best-rated apartment’s look.

Use Your Own Accents

There are small things of your own that you can add to make a pre-furnished apartment feel like home. If you are in between homes, most likely your belongings are in storage. Keep a few items out before you pack everything away, and use those things in your pre-furnished apartment. Use your own comforter on the bed, add your favorite books to the bookshelves, or put out some picture frames to add a personal touch.

Add Inexpensive DetailsPre-furnished apartment

A different window treatment like new curtains can be an inexpensive way to add a big change in color and style to a room. Area rugs can have the same effect, and can also make any floor a little more comfortable. Add houseplants, small lamps, new towels—any number of small details can make a best-rated apartment’s rooms seem more unique.

More Solutions and Best-Rated Apartments

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