Having a Holiday Party? Try These Apartment Seating Solutions

 Best-rated apartments large and small can sometimes leave the renter short on space for holiday guests. Maybe your best-rated apartment’s living room has an unusual shape, maybe you can’t seem to make an awkward layout work, or maybe you simply don’t have the right chairs to fit into the room. Whatever your predicament, there are ample solutions for renters who need extra seating when holiday entertaining needs come around. Whether you’re hosting a party at your apartment for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s Eve, or just having a family gathering, dinner party, or housewarming party, with a few creative adjustments you can take the stress out of your next holiday party and invite as many guests as you want! Gather around your best-rated apartment’s dining room table for a dinner party, or simply lounge in your best-rated apartment’s living room. Here are our top seating solutions for renters who are low on space but full of holiday cheer.

Floor cushions – These are better suited for younger guests of course, but floor cushions are still great ways to add casual seating to a living room or media room. Stack a few in a corner or store them under a bed when not in use.

Stacked stools – Easy to set up and just as easy to store, stacked stools offer a great seating alternative to a full-size piece of furniture.

Ottoman as a coffee table – It may seem unorthodox, but using a large cushy upholstered ottoman as a centerpiece furnishing in your best-rated apartment’s living room is a great way to have extra seating ready at a moment’s notice.

Corner seating – Tuck a chair or two into the corners of your home, like a nook in the foyer or entryway. They add cheer and can be moved easily when you need more seating.

Footboard bench – Extra seating doesn’t have to be stored in your best-rated apartment’s living areas—the bedroom is a great place to keep extra seating, too! Put a bench at the end of your bed as a footboard, then move it wherever you need it when you have holiday guests over.

Sit outside – If dinnertime comes around, you’re short on table space, and it’s not too cold out, consider putting a table on your patio or balcony! If there’s enough room and your neighbors won’t mind, seat guests outside with a couple of heaters, some thick blankets, and candles on the table.

How have you prepared your best-rated apartment for your holiday party this year? Has one of these sneaky seating ideas worked for you? Let us know by finding Renter’s Voice Facebook or Twitter and telling us about your best-rated apartments! And don’t forget to decorate your apartment for the holidays and prepare your apartment for holiday guests this year.

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