Apartment Safety Tips: Flooding

best rated apartmentsEven the best rated apartments are in danger of hazardous weather or maintenance malfunctions.  Last week we supplied you with tips to keep your apartment safe in the event of a hurricane, so this week here are some tips for keeping your apartment safe during a flood.

Choose Best Rated Apartments for Flood Safety
Most importantly, take measures to ensure your safety when choosing an apartment.  Be sure yours is one of the best rated apartments when it comes to flood safety.  Best rated apartments will be on high ground, and away from any dams or levees.  Newer apartments are also likely to have newer pipes, whereas older apartments may have largely copper pipes, which are less stable.  Check apartment reviews to find out if other renters have had problems with apartment flooding and evaluate the location of a property before you sign a lease.  Also, be sure to purchase an appropriate level of flood insurance if your apartment is located in a flood zone.

Home Flooding Tips
During winter, safety is a primary concern for your home, and frozen pipes are a real danger to many apartment renters.  Plastic and copper pipes can both burst if frozen, and even a small crack in a pipe can produce gallons of water, jeopardizing your entire apartment.  There are a few precautions you should take to make sure your apartment stays flood-free.  Program your thermostat.  In warmer months, it may be smart to save energy costs by letting your heating and cooling system do as little work as possible while you are away during the day.  This is not so in freezing weather.  Keep your thermostat at the same temperature during both day and night, and don’t set it any lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.  You can also let the faucets in your apartment drip to keep water circulating, especially during the night.

best rated apartmentsNatural Flooding Tips
Natural flooding, on the other hand, requires a different set of safety rules.  Flash floods, for example, are common during heavy rains.  In the event of a severe weather alert, keep the radio and television turned on for information and updates.  If you have to leave your home, remember never to walk through moving water.  If walking through still water, be sure to check the firmness of the ground before each step.  Never, ever drive through water, either. Still or moving water both may conceal large holes or other hazards in the road that can trap your vehicle.

If you do experience any kind of flooding, notify your landlord immediately.  Flooding can result in water damage to your apartment, with consequences like drywall failure and wet, moldy carpet.  Choose best rated apartments, get properly insured, and don’t take chances with your loved ones, pets, or possessions.


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