4 Unique Pets Perfect for Small Apartments

Having a pet in your apartment can be a lot of fun (just ask Fred!). Plenty of renters have considered adding an animal companion to their best-rated apartments. But some renters are, unfortunately, a little low on the space that is required for a happy pet life. For example, those who have ambitions of owning a Great Dane should maybe reconsider either their choice of dog breed or the size of their apartment.

But that’s okay! Apartment pet options go way beyond just cats and dogs. Instead of wishing you could spring for a Springer Spaniel, choose from these non-traditional pets for small best-rated apartments.


Though a bit mischievous, ferrets make great pets for small spaces. They can even be housebroken. Ferrets are especially good for renters who are gone most of the day, since ferrets are most active at sunrise and sunset.


Rabbits are a very popular apartment pet. They are cuddly, quiet, clean, and affectionate. And while bunnies do love to hop around, they don’t need much of a play area, so small apartments are perfect. They can also be taught to use a litter box, so a small backyard (or lack thereof) isn’t an issue. Opt for a rabbit that is small to mid-size, or between 3 and 8 pounds.

4 Unique Pets Perfect for Small Apartments 2Blue-Tongued Skinks

For those who don’t mind something a little less cuddly, reptiles like blue-tongued skinks make a great apartment pet. They’re relatively easy to care for, and as long as you’re not squeamish about their diet (bugs), they are ideal for small apartment life.

Fancy Rats

Rats may get a bad rap, but fancy rats (another name for small brown rats) actually make great pets. They are smart, clean, and—provided that you have rat-proofed your apartment—can easily roam around your small apartment.

Tips for Renters with Unique Pets

Just a few extra tips about getting a unique pet for your apartment:

• Do your research before getting an exotic animal. Many have special care needs, and you want to be certain you’re ready to take care of your new pet correctly.

• If you are moving before you get a pet, be sure to locate the best-rated apartments for pets before you choose a new place to live. The best-rated apartments for pets have pet-friendly policies and reasonable rates for pet deposits or pet rent.

• When considering which ones are the best-rated apartments, also make sure there is a veterinarian in the area who can adequately treat your new pet if he or she needs it. (For example, not all vets know how to care for certain exotic lizards.)

• Check your best-rated apartment’s lease or check with your landlord before getting any kind of pet, unusual or not. Even the best-rated apartments may not allow certain kinds of pets, or require a pet deposit or a pet rent rate. It’s better to ask than to have to give away your new friend or face eviction.

• If your new pet is going to roam beyond its habitat, you should pet-proof your apartment once you get all settled in. Even the best-rated apartments for pets have hazards like easy-to-open cabinets and low-hanging cables.

Do you have a unique apartment pet that you love? What are your tips for finding small, best-rated apartments for pets? Tell us about it by finding Renter’s Voice on Facebook and Twitter.


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