Five Inexpensive Ways to Use Color in Your Home

use color in your homeAfter scouring the internet and the pages of most every home décor magazine, it seems that one color this year’s top designers can agree upon is a brilliant shade of purple. Some distinguish it as “Radiant orchid”, some call it “violet” and others call it by its Pantone number, 18-3224 TCX.

Now, that you know the color of the year, here are five inexpensive ways to use color in your home.

1.       Pillow Shams- Recovering your pillows every spring is an easy and inexpensive way to keep up with the going trends.

2.       Rugs- Another easy way to use color in your home is to buy a new rug that incorporates the colors already present in your home and pulls in new ones.

3.       Wall Décor- Find paintings or photographs that show off the color of the season and replace some of your current wall art with them. Not only will it show off your trendy side, it will also add a new edge to your ‘old’ apartment.

five inexpensive ways to use color in your home4.       Blankets and linens- It’s smart to buy neutral comforters, white if possible, and change up your sheets and pillow cases. Add a colorful blanket or buy colorful sheets to change the look of your bedroom.

5.       Paint (on furniture) – If you’re thinking about repainting a bookcase or a dresser, think about painting it the color of the season. In a room full of neutrals, bright colors really pop and add an element of originality. (Disclaimer: Unless your home is the size of the Grand Canyon you don’t want to use bright colors on your walls because they make the space go from pretty small to basically nonexistent – accent walls are okay though!).

Also, remember, while it’s good to be true to fashion trends, it’s even better to stay true to yourself. Making sure your apartment home reflects who you are should always be the most important thing as you use color your home.

We would love to see all the inexpensive ways you use color in your home. Share pictures with Renter’s Voice on Facebook and Twitter.


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