Apartment Living: How to Stay Happy During Cold Winters

Apartment Living: How to Stay Happy During Cold WintersWith the cold season well on its way, many of us will slip into our warm winter pajamas and never want to get back out. Gray skies, biting winds, and just generally uncomfortable temperatures will drive most of us indoors for a good part of the wintry season, posing some risks for apartment dwellers who live in close proximity with many other people and families. As easy as it is to laze in the warmth of your home, it’s equally easy to stay upbeat, positive, and productive as others withdraw into human-hibernation mode. Maintaining your health and happiness during the coldest part of the year is essential to making it a successful winter, and you can do so by following some helpful tips from us here at Renter’s Voice!

Stay Active

1. Entertainment – While the allure of television marathons can be difficult to overcome, you’ll find that it is worth it to begin exploring some new hobbies. For example, experimenting with new recipes will keep your apartment warm and filled with the lovely scent of home cooking, and picking up a new book is a great way to pass the time while keeping your mind active and amused. For those who are not afraid of a little cold weather, winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or even just snowman-building can be great for when you need to escape your apartment for fresh winter air.

2. Exercise – One of the best ways to keep your mental activity from slowing down with the weather is to keep your body active and get your blood flowing. If the low temperatures outside are deterring you from your usual morning run, look to other methods of exercise within the comfort of your apartment living room. Calming yoga exercises can be done without requiring too much space in your living room, or you can consider joining the gym down the street!

Apartment Living: How to Stay Happy During Cold Winters 2

Switch Up Your Apartment’s Look

1. Corral the Clutter – There’s nothing worse than being stuck inside… with junk and clutter surrounding you. While decorating your apartment for the holiday season, use your free time to clear up your living space and see how a wide-open living space unclutters your mind as well.

2. Amp Up the Lighting – Short days and long nights mean significantly less natural light in your home during the winter, which can in turn affect your mood and outlook. To remedy this, make sure that your most-used living spaces are well lit and reflect light rather than absorb it. Even adding a warm-hued lampshade to a lamp in the living room can trick your brain into feeling a little warmer. Plus, rearranging your furniture flow can help make a living space feel more open, bright, and warm.

Be Prepared

1. Stay Healthy – Because the apartment living environment means that all tenants (ill or not) will be in close quarters, apartment dwellers run a higher risk of coming into contact with illnesses. Think about keeping things like disinfectants and hand sanitizers around, especially when using shared surfaces such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, and hand rails. Also, having immune-boosting vitamins and healthy foods and drinks on hand will give your body the advantage it needs to fight off germs.

2. Make Minor Home Improvements – There are many things you can do to ensure your safety during winter storms. Before the major cold fronts come blasting in, check your windows and doors for leaks that may not only let cold air in, but also let that expensive heat you’re paying for escape. Doing so will cause you much less stress come next month’s heating bill. Also make sure to contact your apartment maintenance team about protecting your hot water supply in freezing temperatures when pipes may freeze and/or burst. Lastly, keep an alternative heating device around, just in case severe winter weather renders your home heating system useless.

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