9 Tips for Green(er) Living

tips for greener livingLiving a greener life can be a bit intimidating.  I was recently researching this topic and got overwhelmed with all the tips and suggestions (and seeming demands!) I came across.  One list told me to cook only with cast iron and to immediately stop wearing perfume.  I don’t think so.

I now know I am not as ‘green’ as I thought I was.  Apparently my reusable grocery totes and fancy-shmancy thermostat aren’t worth talking about.  So, I compiled a list of things even my perfume-loving self can do to ease into this green thing.

  • Use cold water when doing laundry. This can save up to 80 percent of the energy required to wash clothes.
  • Use reusable coffee mugs. Some coffee shops won’t even provide disposable cups anymore!
  • Drink and eat local.  Meaning, eat food that was grown within a small radius of your location.  70 miles is my personal goal.
  • Master secondhand sales.  One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and it is way cheaper than buying new!  Host a clothing swap, buy on craigslist, and scour your resale shops.  This saves not just in waste, but also water, manufacturing resources, and packaging.
  • Don’t travel for meetings.  There are loads of virtual options for face-to-face meetings.
  • Go paperless with your bills and mail.
  • Pick up litter when you see it.
  • Low-flow showerheads are an obvious one that makes a big difference for greener living.  They will significantly cut back on your water usage.
  • Volunteer.  Find an organization to join and volunteer your time to help nature and the environment.

What tips can you share for greener living?



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