6 Tips to Create an Inspiring Home Office

If you work from home a dedicated office space is a must. Otherwise, when you’re still in your pajamas it is a little too easy to slip back in bed to watch just one more episode of Orange Is the New Black.  Making myself get dressed to pretend like I was going to a real office did not do the trick for me, so I decided I needed to create an inspiring home office — sans TV for obvious reasons.

After much trial and error, I finally discovered what makes a perfect work space for me.  If you live in a small home like I do, using an entire room for a home office just is not possible.  However, dedicating one corner of a larger room worked perfectly for me.

Here are 6 tips to create an inspiring home office even in a small space.

6 tips to create an inspiring home office1.     Find the perfect spot

Maybe it is a corner of your apartment living room or even in front of a window with a pretty view.

 2.     Only keep/buy the essentials

Do you really need that tape dispenser? How about that in/out box? Unnecessary clutter can have a detrimental effect on your creativity.

3.     Invest in a couple key pieces you absolutely love

Whether it is a rug or wall art, find a couple special pieces that make your home office space somewhere you will enjoy being everyday.  It should be comfortable and inspiring.

inspiring home office - incorporate additional inspiration4.     Buy a stylish yet comfortable chair

I very quickly learned that the ghost chair I just had to have was the worst buying decision of my entire office.  Unless of course I wanted a numb bum all day. So choose your chair wisely; it will be one of your most expensive investments for an inspiring home office space.

5.     Incorporate additional inspiration

If music is your Xanax, make sure you get a speaker to play your MP3 faves in the background while you work. A fresh coat of paint in a color you love, motivational posters, a particular artist – whatever helps you feel more comfortable will help you focus and be productive.

6.     Determine the best lighting

Make sure your office space can be kept bright enough to work, even at night.  This might mean a lamp or a ceiling mounted fixture.

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