4 Tips for Feeling Safe in Your Apartment

feeling safe in your apartment - do you own researchIf feeling safe in your apartment is at the top of your priority list when searching for an apartment home, there are lots of things to think about. Here are our top 4 tips for feeling safe in your apartment.

1.       Do your OWN research. If you ask about how safe an apartment community is, you’re very likely to get a response like “crime has no address” or “we aren’t permitted to discuss safety”. Don’t assume this means the place is the poster property for the next episode of Law & Order. The staff really isn’t permitted to discuss safety with perspective residents no matter how limited crime may be in the nearby area. However, as a prudent apartment hunter, you’ll be interested to know that most counties have crime reports available to the public. Do your own research and look up crime reports in the area.

2.       “Security” gates do not ensure safety. Just because a property has a gate does not mean that you’re safer. The word “security” in the phrase “security gate” means the same thing as the word “security” in the phrase “security blanket”. If you’re concerned about feeling safe ion your apartment take matters into your own hands. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

feeling safe in your apartment - install an alarm3.       Get an Alarm System. Apartment communities almost always have preferred vendors that will happily install an alarm system in your apartment. Review any materials the leasing office provides, as you may find coupons or discounts for new residents. Installing an alarm is usually permitted by most leases as long as you provide the access code to your landlord for cases of emergency. Check your apartment lease or ask your property manager just in case.

4.       Install a dead bolt. If you purchase a new lock or a dead bolt, the property maintenance man will most likely install it free of charge. When replacing or adding an additional lock, you’ll be required to give a spare key to the management staff so their personnel can still access your home if needed.

At the end of the day, just keep in mind that you are responsible for your own safety. Feeling safe in your apartment home is easy if you take proper precautions.


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