4 Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Home

4 steps to spring cleaning your homeBefore you can clean up, you’ve got to clean house. The best tip for spring cleaning is “out with the old”! This goes for everything from kitchens to closets. Follow these 4 steps to spring cleaning your home.

Start by looking up the closest Goodwill or Salvation Army. You’re their new best friend – and vice versa when it comes to helping you with spring cleaning. Then get ready to be honest with yourself. You’ll be surprised how many things you own and not only don’t use but also don’t need. All of those impulse buys that amounted to nothing more than items taking up space might change the life of someone shopping at your local Goodwill store.

Once you’ve converted your trash into someone else’s treasures, the closets are a good place to head next for a good spring cleaning. Throughout the year, a closet can go from a well-organized area to a disaster area. They make a really good place to hide random stuff when you don’t have time to straighten up, but then the random stuff remains there until you decide to actually deal with it. If you don’t believe in spring cleaning, this won’t happen until the next time you move, so we suggest you become a believer.

spring cleaningThen, comes the actual cleaning. Buy more sponges, Magic Erasers, paper towels, and cleaning spray than you think you need. Another thing you need more of than you think is time. Make sure you have plenty of it and supplies, and you’ll be in good shape. This is when you clean the stuff you usually leave for later (or never).  For example, spring cleaning should include windows, fan blades, bathroom tiles, etc.

And the final, finishing touch… once your home is clutter-free and smelling as fresh as spring, it’s time for a little remodeling. It can be as small as just redoing the bookshelves or as big as completely updating the furniture in a room, but change something! It’s amazing how a little change can make a big difference.

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