4 Creative Apartment Storage Ideas

four creative apartment storage ideasTrying to find additional storage space in your home can feel daunting. One thing to keep in mind is that having open containers full of junk can make your apartment feel cramped and look messy. To avoid that, try one of these four creative apartment storage ideas.

Remember, storage is not just horizontal. Look for pieces that are taller and can allow you to make use of the vertical space in your apartment. Also, think about getting furniture that has doors and drawers so that if you have lots of small items to store, they are hidden away so everything looks neat and clean.

Shelves are also a good way to build additional storage into your apartment. If you have odds and ins that are functional while also looking cool, they can double as accessories. Old cameras, books and art supplies can add a fun, eccentric element to a room when properly displayed on shelves.

There won’t be room for a monster under your bed if you make use of all the space for your thing. Get a bed frame that sits higher off the floor – or get some risers – and throw on a bed skirt. Plastic tubs can easily fit underneath with clothes you’re not going to wear until next season.

Lastly, you probably have things in your house that are taking up space that could be used for creative apartment storage. Suitcases, for one. Just fill them up and then empty out when you actually need them for travel.

You can also always check websites like Pinterest for creative storage ideas. Share your creative apartment storage ideas with Renter’s Voice on Facebook and Twitter.

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