10 Out of the Box Packing Tips for a Smooth Move

It is easy to feel overwhelmed or unprepared for a move. Moving can be hard and it is not always easy to know where to start. But getting and staying organized is vital to a successful move.

10 Out of the Box Packing Tips for a Smooth MoveSo when it’s time to pack, use these  10 ‘out of the box’ packing tips for a smooth move.

  • Use old pillows and blankets for wrapping and protecting breakables
  • Keep valuables, important documents (birth certificates, passports), and your medications with you instead of packing them away
  • Donate, sell, or gift items you no longer have room for or do not need to avoid moving unnecessary stuff
  • Number your boxes clearly on all four sides and keep a general list of what’s in each numbered box
  • Pack the stuff you seldom use first – like seasonal decor, and items you use for entertaining
  • Dust off everything before you pack it so you don’t have to clean as you unpack in your  new home
  • getting and staying organized is vital to a successful moveDon’t use newspaper when you pack lamp shades – it will leave dark marks and smudges you’ll be hard pressed to remove
  • Before disconnecting cables and cords from your electronics, write the name of the device they belong to on a piece of tape and wrap it around the cable
  • Give liquids some additional leak-proofing by stuffing them inside plastic containers or resealable plastic bags
  • Purchase brightly colored “fragile” or “breakable” stickers to mark which boxes need special care or easy handling

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