Using Apartment Reviews: A Student’s Guide to Evaluating Apartments

apartment reviewsFor students, finding an apartment can be a daunting task especially if they are choosing their very first apartment.  Browsing apartment reviews can take some of the stress out of that process.  Online apartment reviews are written by renters like you, offering solid advice, ratings, and opinions about student-friendly apartments.  But how can you sort through these apartment reviews and find out which apartment is right for you?  Whether you are looking for housing for graduate students or are a sophomore experiencing off-campus student accommodations for the first time, here are a few things to consider as you tour and evaluate your off-campus living options.

Location, Location, Location
The first thing you should do to narrow down your options is choose how far away from campus you want to live.  Living close to campus means that you can get to class more quickly and it is easy to go home between classes.  However, an apartment closer to campus may also mean higher rent, as they can be in higher demand.  Additionally, an area of primarily (or completely) student-filled apartments may mean more noise on weekends.  Living further away might mean lower rent and peace and quiet for studying, but if you don’t have a car and on-campus parking, you will have to rely on public transit or a carpool to get to campus. With these things in mind, weigh your options and choose the area in which you will be most comfortable.

Read Apartment Reviews Online
Once you know the general area of your future apartment, read online apartment reviews of the options in that area.  Reading apartment reviews can help you decide, without ever having to leave your home, which properties to visit.  A good apartment review’s contents include an objective evaluation of the property’s staff, amenities, location, and overall value.  When you read apartment reviews, however, be sure to note the date of the review.  If the review is old, keep in mind that the apartment’s management may have changed, renovations may have taken place, or other significant changes to the property may have been made.  These things might mean a positive or negative change from the state of the apartment as described in the review, so try to find current apartment reviews.

Visit the Apartment
Set up a tour of the apartment complex with a leasing agent.  When you go, it can help immensely to take notes during the tour and discussion with the leasing agent.  You may think you’ll remember everything when you leave the office but after your fourth or fifth apartment tour facts about each property may blur together.  Check out which floor plans are available, which floors those rooms are on, and the amenities the apartment has to offer.  Additionally, find out if the apartment is running any kind of special or deal; often, properties will offer special discounts or incentives during certain times of the year.

Evaluate and Choose
apartment reviewsOnce you have visited all the properties it’s time to choose your future home.  Combining your own notes with the apartment reviews you have read, take stock of your options.  Which apartments offer the best value for their price?  Which receive the best reviews?  Which ones are in the best location?  Does one apartment offer a special deal that is more appealing than another?  There are lots of factors to consider, but if you are well-informed, you will be able to choose your new apartment with relative ease.

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