3 Ways to Use Apartment Reviews to Find the Perfect Place

When you use apartment reviews to find the perfect place, you tend to want to see 5-star ratings and excellent reviews. But you have to remember that any customer will take action when something goes wrong and that most of us take for granted when things go ‘right’. It’s not that people set out to write bad apartment reviews, or other product reviews; it is just in our nature to be squeaky wheels when there’s something we see that needs fixing.

3 ways to use apartment reviewsSo when you are looking for an apartment, use apartment reviews wisely.  Here are 3 ways to use apartment reviews to help you find a new home you’ll love.

Look for the good in the bad. Glowing reviews are usually few and far between. Good apartment reviews are written by residents at the apartment community – these are the people who spend the most time with the property management staff and have the highest likelihood of knowing what they’re talking about as far as their ratings and reviews of the apartments. And knowing how the staff treat residents and resolve any issues you might find in an apartment review is important. This is a great indicator of what your living experience would be like.

Remember people say things they don’t mean when they’re mad. Take the angry, ranting reviews with a grain of salt and try to find the facts in the apartment review. A review is one side of the story, so also look for how the management company responds to their reviews. If someone is droning on and on about their fridge being out for 6 months, but they never mentioned it to the office staff, you can’t exactly hold that against the apartment community. In bad reviews, look for problems that could affect you use apartment reviews to find the perfect placepersonally; for example use apartment reviews to find out about pest problems, gate problems, trash problems, etc.

Check it out for yourself. When you find an apartment ratings and reviews site you can trust to give you the good and bad both, then you’ll be able to use apartment reviews to help you find that perfect place. And that’s really what reviews are all about! The most important thing you can do is take what you learn from the apartment reviews and then go see the property for yourself! During you visit, be sure to ask the staff about anything you saw in a review that concerned you.

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