Top or Bottom Floor? Use Apartment Reviews to Decide

Any renter who has lived with annoying neighbors knows the importance of choosing an apartment that is well-located. Fortunately, apartment reviews can help you decide what neighborhood is best, whether or not there are good schools nearby, if the apartment’s management is helpful and friendly, and whether the apartment is near any sources of noise pollution. But while all of these are important factors, it is just as important to learn about life in the apartment complex itself before choosing your new home. Reading apartment reviews can also help with this, since renters who write the apartment reviews are speaking from firsthand experience about apartment life. And if you’re trying to decide between a top floor or bottom floor apartment, help from apartment reviews can make a big difference. For example, if the apartment reviews note that the walls are thin or that there is lots of commotion in the common areas on the ground floor, consider an apartment on a higher floor. Similarly, if apartment reviews note that one end of the property is near a noisy establishment, try for a unit on the top floor on the other side. Keep in mind what you learn from apartment reviews, as well some of the tips below, and you’ll be able to choose the best apartment for you. Here are some pros and cons of living on the top and bottom floors of an apartment:

Bottom Floor Apartments


• With no stairs to climb, moving, taking out your trash, and unloading a car is much easier on the bottom floor.
• You’ll have easier access to outdoor spaces like courtyards and patios.
• Lower apartments tend to be cooler, which will make you more comfortable and save money during the summer.
• You don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors with foot traffic, which is especially good for families with young children.


• Since the windows of ground floor apartments are privy to anyone walking by, you may have less privacy than you’d like.
• With easily accessible windows and balconies, ground floor apartments are more vulnerable to break-ins.
• Bottom floor apartments tend to be closer to street and traffic noise, and can often hear the comings and goings of their neighbors.

Top Floor Apartments


• Top floor apartments tend to have a better view than their lower-level counterparts.
• Not having upstairs neighbors means no noise from the ceiling.
• Without a ground floor window or balcony, top floor apartments have lower chances of a break-in.
• You’ll get less noise from street traffic upstairs than on a ground-floor apartment.


• You might have to keep your foot traffic to a minimum to appease your downstairs neighbors.
• Moving in or out, as well as carrying groceries, strollers, or laundry up and down the stairs can be tough for a top floor apartment-dweller.
• Hot air rises, so top floor apartments might be warmer during the summer months.

Apartment Reviews and More Tips from Renter’s Voice

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