Tips for Subletting Your Student Apartment: Reviews and More

Fotolia_48166566_XS editSubletting your apartment as a student is always a challenge. You need to temporarily move out of your apartment but, thanks to your lease, you will still be responsible for rent while you’re gone. The process will consist of, among other things, writing your ad, reading apartment reviews, finding a new place to live, and interview potential lessees. Whether you’re studying abroad for a whole semester or you’ll just be between apartments for a month, subletting your apartment is a good way to account for some of the money you’ll owe your landlord in your absence.

Here are our top tips for using your resources and apartment reviews to successfully sublet your student apartment.

Check with Your Landlord

Different apartment properties have different rules when it comes to subletters. Check your lease and check with your landlord to make sure you know the rules before you start trying to find a temporary tenant.

Cheque AmountSet an Asking Price

It’s not likely that you’ll be able to get your full month’s rent from a subletter, so be sure you aim for a bit less than your usual amount. Try for 75% of your current rent. Remember, if your asking price isn’t reasonable, other potential student subletters may take their business elsewhere.

Be Smart About Your Ad

Next, put an ad up on Craigslist, in the newspaper, or on a website if your school or area has one specifically for student subletting. When you write your ad, be sure to highlight your apartment’s best qualities to set it apart from other apartments. If possible, you should also include pictures. Clean up your apartment and take a few photos of each room with good lighting to really show off the room.

Get the Word out

But don’t just put out one advertisement. Take advantage of every avenue available to you. Ask around to see if friends of friends need a place to stay, let your friends know on social media, use school List-servs and tell your classmates, and put up flyers in campus coffee shops, restaurants, and other places frequented by students.

Write Apartment Reviews

A potential subletter will invariably browse the Internet for online apartment reviews to help choose a good apartment. Reviews of student apartments are a great way to separate the good options from the bad; that’s why it’s a good idea to check online to see what other tenants are saying about your current apartment. If your apartment currently has bad apartment reviews and your potential subletter asks you about issues that other reviewers have brought up, you should address them directly, whether to correct an impression or confirm a problem. It can’t hurt to also write a review of your current home yourself.

More Tips and Apartment Reviews from Renter’s Voice

How did you find a subletter for your student apartment? Find Renter’s Voice on Facebook and Twitter to give us your tips. You can also keep reading more about student apartment life here on our blog! We have tips about evaluating student apartments, what to look for during an apartment tour, how to write great apartment reviews, decorating an apartment for less, and lots more.

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