The Upside to Downsizing: Apartment Reviews for a Happy (Smaller!) Home

MovingIf you find yourself consulting apartment reviews in search of a small apartment, you’re probably considering downsizing. Perhaps you’re moving for a new job, and the change in price of real estate means choosing a small apartment. Perhaps you’re just out of college, and going from living with three roommates to an apartment of your own. Perhaps your rent has gone up and moving to a smaller place is the most sensible thing to do. Whatever your reasons for downsizing to a smaller apartment, you’ll need to do more than just read apartment reviews to make it work. Before you move, read on for some tips to make your downsize a success!

Read Apartment Reviews

Downsizing can be a boon or a bummer. Before you make your move, browse online apartment reviews of your prospective new pads. Decreasing the size of your apartment shouldn’t have to mean decreasing the value of your apartment. Reviews of the places you’re considering will help you determine whether or not the adjustment in size will be worth it.

Less Space = More Money

It’s simple: smaller floor plans mean lower rent! You’ll be able to save that money for your next move, or for something fun. Studio (or “efficiency”) apartments, lofts, and one-bedrooms are notoriously less expensive than their larger counterparts. Moreover, downsizing means smaller costs overall. That means lower heating bills, lower electricity bills, lower water bills, lower gas bills… you get the idea.

Moving boxesPlan Your Space

When you downsize, you don’t necessarily have to get rid of your possessions; you’ll just have to think harder about how you organize them. A small apartment kitchen space, for example, might need a little creativity when it comes to storing large items like pots and pans, and décor might be limited to what you can hang on a wall rather than what you can put on a counter. And because clutter in a small apartment is much more noticeable than in a large one, you’ll have to keep your small apartment home office organized and tidy.

More Small Apartment Tips

For more ways to improve small apartment life, keep reading the Renter’s Voice blog. See how our tips on apartment reviews, decorating on a tight budget, getting along with neighbors, and more can improve apartment life for you!

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