Rising Rent? Find a Place the Smart Way with Apartment Reviews

Watching your rent go up? You’re not the only one distressed by the rising rent rates of your apartment. Reviews of rising rents this year show how difficult it can be to find a good apartment for a good price in cities with price spikes like Ft. Lauderdale, Austin, Portland, San Francisco, and Denver (to name a few). And if you’re in a city like New York or Los Angeles, high rent is the standard when it comes to apartments. So what’s a renter to do? There are a few ways you can deal with high rent if you’re in the market for a new apartment in a city that has seen rent increases this year.

If you have the option, consider renting an apartment in a less expensive city. For example, Wichita, Tucson, Tulsa, Indianapolis, and Memphis all make the list of the top 10 cheapest U.S. cities for renting an apartment. Reviews of these cities’ rent rates shows that the median rate is less than $700 per month! If, however, you need to live in a city with high rent, you can be smart about looking for an apartment and find top-rated apartments using apartment reviews and some diligent research. Start by using apartment reviews sites RentersVoice.com to find out what your options are in the area so you can narrow down your choices. Then start assessing the apartment reviews of places you want to consider. Reading apartment reviews is a great way to find out whether or not specific apartments with the highest rent rates are really worth their asking price. While you read, be sure to keep in mind what you really want from an apartment. If you’re in an expensive city, you may have to do without some of the luxuries that might come standard at top-rated apartments in other cities. Try to forgo some of the extras like a gym or laundry facility, or opt for a smaller floor plan to save on rent (there’s nothing like downsizing to simplify apartment life). Top-rated apartments come in all varieties, and often you can find an apartment that has the amenities you need the most without the scary price tag attached. Evaluate the apartment reviews you read carefully, making sure they come from legitimate sources and offer comprehensive information about renting from the property. Put in the time at the beginning of your apartment search, and you’ll be able to find a good apartment without clearing out your wallet every month.

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