Renter Red Flags: Use Apartment Reviews and Tours to Spot a Bad Apartment

folder with information on apartments for rent on wooden background close-upThose who have had bad renting experiences can tell you right away that there are some major red flags you can look out for when evaluating an apartment. Apartment tours and apartment reviews can help reveal the problems an apartment may have, and in turn help you determine whether or not the property is worth your time and money. Concerned about finding the right apartment? Read on for tips from Renter’s Voice and get all the facts before choosing an apartment.

What to Look for on an Apartment Tour

Taking an apartment tour is one of the best ways to determine whether or not an apartment is in good condition and is right for you. Seeing the property and being able to question the landlord in person can help sort out a lot of questions you might have about renting. During the tour, check for problems like mold or pests, damage to any appliances, the upkeep of each room, and the overall quality of the communal or outdoor areas of the apartment complex. If you are touring the specific unit you want to rent, check that all doors close properly in their frames, all windows open and shut easily and securely, the insides of cabinets and closets are in good condition, and that ceiling fans, lights, and appliances are all working.

girl on computerWhat to Look for When Reading Apartment Reviews

It’s important to remember, however, that you can’t evaluate an apartment based solely on your tour and information from the apartment’s leasing office. Reading apartment reviews is a great way to get the facts directly from current and previous tenants. Apartment reviews can tell you things that you might never think to ask a landlord, and can reveal problems that weren’t apparent during the tour or were minimized by the landlord. Apartment reviews can shed light on the helpfulness of an apartment’s past management, the desirability of its location, the number of times tenants have required maintenance, and more. If you find a recurring theme of dissatisfaction in the apartment reviews you read, stay away from that property. (An exception to this caveat might occur if the apartment’s management has changed since the bad apartment reviews were written. See if there are any reviews of the new management to help you make that determination.)

Find Apartment Reviews with Renter’s Voice

What factors made you change your mind about renting a bad apartment? How have you used apartment reviews during your search for a new apartment? Connect with Renter’s Voice on Facebook and Twitter to tell us about your experience!

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