How to Open Up Small Apartment Spaces for Great Apartment Reviews

Moving inLet’s say you’ve just moved into a small apartment. Although it may have gotten great apartment reviews, as you begin to unpack, you find that it’s much smaller than you thought! This is a common problem renters of smaller apartments encounter. While touring the empty unit, you may think the apartment is pretty spacious; plus, the apartment reviews you’ve read have all been positive. However, when moving day rolls around and all of your belongings are finally unloaded, suddenly you’re feeling a little cramped. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t fear! Small apartments can still deserve great apartment reviews, but sometimes they need a helping hand to achieve their full aesthetic potential. Here are some ways to open up your small apartment space and leave you with a positive opinion of your living space and good apartment reviews.

Color Carefully

Utilize light colors in your color scheme to make your apartment seem brighter and more spacious. Dark colors absorb light rather than reflect it, adding more shadows than necessary. This is especially true for oddly-shaped apartments that might have corners at extreme angles or awkward corners. Additionally, try to keep to a chosen color palette. Too many hues can interrupt the visual flow of a room, seeming to shrink it.
Make Arrangements
Strategically arranging your furnishings can do a small apartment a world of good. Try several configurations to find out what works. If necessary, swap out large pieces for smaller ones. For example, trade a full-size desk for a writing desk, which has extra storage and can fold up to occupy less room.

Keep It Clean

Though it can be difficult in a small apartment, keeping your home neat and tidy makes it feel more spacious. If you are not a naturally neat person, try to focus on one or two highly-visible problem areas that you can maintain. Even one clear space can make a big difference.

Hang It UpBookshelves

If you can put something on a vertical space instead of a horizontal one, do it! Put up wall shelves instead of stacking books on a tabletop, hang artwork instead of propping it up on a counter, and install hooks near the door to keep coats and keys off of tables and chair backs. Hanging mirrors can also reflect more light and create the illusion of more space.

More Apartment Reviews and Tips

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