Managing Winter Bills for Positive Apartment Reviews

apartment reviewsWith winter approaching, you are probably starting to get out your sweaters and scarves and to warm up your apartment. Reviews of your bills might remind you that with the changing season comes a change in your energy consumption, and thus an increase in your energy costs.  But this doesn’t have to mean a major increase in your spending.  Keep your wallet fuller, your apartment warmer, and your apartment reviews positive with these useful tips to manage your winter bills.

Watch Your Windows
Keep blinds and curtains open during the day to let in the sun, and close them at night to keep the apartment insulated.  Make sure all your windows are firmly closed and latched at all times.  If you feel that there are leaks where cold air is getting through either your windows or your doors, speak with your landlord about having the problem addressed.

Change Your Thermostat
If your thermostat is programmable, set the temperature so that it is lower during the day and higher at night.  If you work during the day, this can be especially useful, as you can program the thermostat to lower the temperature while you are away, and bring it up when you are on your way home.  If your thermostat cannot be programmed, make these adjustments manually.  You can even set a reminder or an alarm at certain times of day if you need help remembering.

Put on a Pair of Socksapartment reviews
This may seem like common sense more than a piece of advice.  However, how many times have you automatically reached to turn your thermostat up when it gets a little colder instead of putting on another layer of clothing?  Just by putting on a pair of socks or a cardigan, you can avoid the need to increase the temperature in your apartment a few degrees.  Doing this over time may actually save you quite a bit.

Energy Assistance
If you are still having trouble with your bills during winter, try seeing if you qualify for energy assistance or bill payment assistance, utilize a bill payment plan, or extend your due date as needed.  Talk to the energy company (or your apartment, if you pay through them) and see what your options are.

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